What is pcTattleTale and how will it benefit my family?

Did you know that…

About 1 in 5 children were solicited for sex in the past years while online?

Or that the FBI estimates that there are over millions of sex offenders online?

Or that by the time they reach 15 the average teen has been exposed to hundreds hard core images?

Do you want to Protect your kids when they go online to study, using the best online parental control software?

Well , look no more. PC TattleTale is the New breakthrough technology for concerned parents.

The Internet is a haven for child molesters, sexual offenders and pedophiles trolling the net looking for children like yours, and PC TattleTale helps you protect them by being 100% undetectable, Monitoring Social Media, Text Messages, Email, Web Browsing, Video Games…and more!

And what’s even better is I have gotten you a Free Trial to try it out and gain peace of mind while your child is online learning.

Check it out here: PC TattleTale today!

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