About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am Margaret Martin also known as FreelanceMomma. I’m a FreelanceMomma and homeschool blogger who shares homeschooling resources as well as helping other homeschooling parents earn money from anywhere in the world. I currently reside in Florida and have been working my Freelancing business since 2008.

I gained 2 beautiful Bonus daughters back in 2007 and knew that I had to set a good example. I knew that these two little girls deserved a good Bonus mom. I naturally adapted to my new role and began looking up ways to help in their education. I would spend hours researching state core requirements and even invested in a printer to print them practice worksheets for the weekends.

…Before I knew it, 2010 had come and I delivered my baby girl.

When she turned 7 months I introduced her to American Sign Language, by 13 months old she was signing. She showed such interest in learning new things so I introduced everything. Our two oldest were improving in reading and math and my 2 y/o was reading and by 3 speaking Spanish and doing basic math.

Now 4 more children later I have gained much knowledge and it has been my mission to help other homeschooling parents with the best homeschooling resources and along the way help them earn money. I hope that my resources are able to help you or someone you may know.

I do ask that you share these resources with parents you may know needing homeschooling resources to help in this journey during theses trying times.

Thanks a lot!